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人材育成セミナー / Creative Business Innovation Seminar

Sit Down with My Students at Same Wonderful Spot

Illustrations of Men's Style

Logo Designs

Orobianco / DeSertika

Orobianco / DeSertika Menswear Collection and Exhibition 

Product Development / from yarn to garment

The rain coats are made in very special high tech textile with Japanese heart.


My Great New York

My life in New York from 1982 to 1998 for 16 years. There were many wonderful icons of NY as graffiti art, subway, checker cab, etc. time I moved to NY early 1980's which you could feel great culture of NY. I was so comfortable to feel beauty of NY with my heart instead of seeing my eyes.


1982年から1998年の16年間のNew York での生活。New York へ移住した1980年代初期は、グラフィティーアート、チェッカーキャブ、地下鉄と、何ともNew York らしい独特の文化がたくさんあった。目で見るというより、心で感じる美意識や価値観が僕には心地良かった。

Retro Tie Collection

Lovely old tie collection over 1,000.            New York 在住時代に収集した1,000本以上ある1940年代のVintage Tieの1部を紹介。

Embroidered Ties

I designed very unique embroidered tie collection made in Kyoto and showed and sold in USA.  Those collection were great sales in US market and could see in many media as magazines and TV.   It was very new and wonderful concept as " Tie for whom normally do not wear tie "

ユニークな刺繍ネクタイをデザインし、京都で生産、New York で発表、アメリカ市場にて販売。

アメリカ市場で大変話題となり、TV 等多くのメディアに取り上げられ、大変良い販売実績を残した " ネクタイをしない人の為のネクタイ " です。

Fun Ties

Below are the fun tie designs directed by myself. Gentlemen need a little touch of sense of humor for your new life.


Collaboration Project with Guggenheim & MOMA in New York

I designed ties and scarves for Guggenheim Museum and MOMA.  This projects were very successful and sold for 5 years and good amount of products .       世界を代表するNew York の美術館 Guggenheim と MOMAとのコラボ企画が大成功。田島デザインのスカーフとネクタイ。